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Journals with Geometry Algorithms

by Dan Sunday



These are major journals that publish papers about computational geometry and geometry  algorithms. Clicking on a journal's name will take you to its web  site. Most journal sites will provide an archive of past Table of Contents along with abstracts.  Some provide online papers.

jgt.coverjournal of graphics tools (jgt) (since 1996) - A K Peters

This journal is the follow-on to the Graphics Gems (I,II,II,IV,V) series of books. It is a quarterly journal whose primary mission is to provide the computer graphics research, development, and production community  with practical ideas and techniques. It aims  to bridge the gap between new research ideas and their use as tools by  the computer graphics professional.

ACM Transactions on  Graphics (TOG) (since 1982) - ACM

For  the ACM TOG the term "computer graphics" is interpreted broadly; including, but not limited to, work on computer-aided design, computational geometry, the design and analysis of graphics algorithms,  geometric modeling, novel applications, and rendering.

Computer Graphics  and Applications (since 1981) - IEEE  Press

This  journal bridges the theory and practice of computer graphics. From specific algorithms to full system implementations, it offers a unique  combination of peer-reviewed feature articles and informal departments,  including news and product announcements.

Ray  Tracing News
(since 1988) - ACM (Ed. Eric  Haines)

This  is a free electronic journal for papers about algorithms related to  ray-tracing for computer graphics. A large percentage of these  involve geometry algorithms. Topics covered include: spatial data  structures, ray intersections, shadows, shading, texture, radiosity, and  more.

Computational Geometry : Theory and Applications (since 1993) - Elsevier Science

This  journal is a forum for research in theoretical and applied aspects of  computational geometry. The journal publishes fundamental research in all  areas of the subject, as well as disseminating information on the  applications, techniques, and use of computational geometry.  It  publishes articles on the design and analysis of geometric algorithms. All  aspects of computational geometry are covered, including the numerical,  graph theoretical and combinatorial aspects.

International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications (since 1991)
- World  Scientific

This  is a bimonthly international journal devoted to the field of computational  geometry within the framework of design and analysis of algorithms.   Emphasis is placed on the computational aspects of geometric problems that  arise in various fields of science and engineering including  computer-aided geometry design, computer graphics, constructive solid  geometry, operations research, pattern recognition, robotics, solid  modeling, VLSI routing/layout, and others.

Discrete & Computational Geometry (since 1982) - Springer-Verlag

This  is an international journal of mathematics and computer science, covering  a broad range of topics in which geometry plays a fundamental role.   It accepts research articles of high quality in discrete geometry and on  the design and analysis of geometric algorithms


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